Damiana Dolce has been singing and acting from the age of 8 years old. She began her Burlesque career, performing and touring with the Fluffgirl Burlesque Revue in 2003.

She is the co-founder and former co-producer of Montreal’s Diary of a Lost Circus Burlesque Cabaret, she has appeared in a handful of short independent and feature length films, and performs regularly with


Blue Light Burlesque Cabaret “B-Movie Extravaganza!”

Blue Light Burlesque Cabaret

Samedi 24 octobre
“B-Movie Extravaganza!”
Tenue de Soirée suggérée : B-Movie, Super Héros, Crosplay, etc.

Artistes sur notre scène ce mois-ci :

∆ Live Band ! The Jitterbop Boys ; dès 19h30

∆ Damiana Dolce
∆ Zafriah (Baladi Extraordinaire)
∆ Lily Monroe
∆ Trixie CupsZe Team :
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Candyass Club Burlesque – Midnight On The Midway

Vendredi le 16 octobre Friday

spectacle 22h00 portes 21h00
1230 laurent $10

MC Jimmy Phule
Midnght On The Midway
Peanut vendors , jugglers ,magicians ,cooch girls,dancers of the east ,candy girls to enchant and mesmerise

Who knows what strange denizens of the night may reveal themselves at the stroke of Midnight on the Midway

Diane Labelle
Nat King Po

Candyass Club – Deep In The Bush


Vendredi le 18 sept Friday
1230 boul. st. laurent
spectacle 22h00
portes 21h00


MC Jimmy Phule to lead the way on an exotic journey Deep In The Bush

Nat King Pole
Damiana Dolce
Diane Labelle
Roxie Hardon
Eavee Love
Leighland Beckman
and more ! et plus !

Tropical delights ! Drinks with fancy umbrellas! Ukeleles !
Leopard print !




Damiana Dolce has been singing and acting from the age of 8 years old. She…


Blue Light Burlesque Cabaret “B-Movie Extravaganza!”