Le Nat King Pole Show

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To enter the totally random draw to win a ticket to Candyass Presents – The Nat King Pole Show,

Simply send an email to dd@damianadolce.com

with “I heart NKP” in the subject line, and the answers to the following questions in the body:

1. Have you ever been to a Candyass Club Cabaret in the past?

2. How did you hear about the Candyass Club Cabaret?

3. What’s your favourite kind of candy?

4. If Damiana Dolce and Nat King Pole were to arm wrestle, who do you think would win, and why?

Good luck everybody!


Candyass Cabaret Special Presentation
Nat King Pole

Vendredi le 18 Avril Friday
@iconic Cafe Cleopatre
1230 boul. st. Laurent 2ieme etage

spectacle 22h portes ouvert 21h00

please note /Avis
$12 a la porte pour ce spectacle

$10 pre-vente

Speciale edition de le Cabaret Candyass avec Nat King Pole
accompagnie par des artistes talentueux

Candyass Spring Fling Spectacle featuring Nat King Pole
singing and dancing new songs
and some oldies but goodies
The Pole man will keep some fine company with talented artists:

MC Sherwin Tija
Curse in the woods
Damiana Dolce
Diane LAbelle
Connie Lingua
Velma Candyass

DJ Franco at the decks

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Blue Light Burlesque April 2014

Blue Light Burlesque April 2014

porte 19h spectacle 20h
5 Avril 2014
“Time machine”


billets en prévente


Les billets de février sont : 20$ + frais en prévente

NOTEZ la billetterie en ligne ferme le jour du spectacle à 16h !
Billet à la porte à partir de 19h le jour même à 27,50$

Café Campus, 57 Prince-Arthur E. 514-844-1010

Thème de la soirée : Time machine

Sur notre scène ce mois ci :
Coco Vanille
Rouge À Lèvres
Trixie Cups
Red Rocket
Miss Melicious
French Kiss
Lili Lolipop
Pierre DuRein
Les Babettes!
et … Mlle Oui Oui Encore !
artistes invitées : Genie Emerald and Damiana Dolce

Billet disponible en prévente (22,50$) directement au Café Campus, en semaine de 9h @ 17h
Café Campus, 57 Prince-Arthur E. 514-844-1010

Candyass Club Cabaret - Nuits De Montreal

Candyass Club Cabaret – Nuits De Montreal

MC Al Palmer the boozy habitué of montreal’s nightlife

An homage to the crumbling city of Montreal
Join us as we explore the iconic elements of this city
A tasty blend of artists in the heart of the
historic entertainment district and the Main.
A dab of drag and a bissel of burlesque.



Diane Labelle
Damiana dolce
Nat king pole
Coeur de lion
Roxie hardon
Lady hoops
Cherie coquette

and DJ Franco

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Samedi 8 & 15 février
“La magie du Burlesque!”

Au Café Campus
57 Prince-Arthur E. 514-844-1010

Portes 19h00. Spectacle 20h00

25$ en pré-vente au Café Campus (+ frais de service)
57 Prince-Arthur E. 514-844-1010
Billets en prévente au:
Café Campus (9h @ 17h en semaine)
par internet sur : http://billets.cafecampus.com

billet : 32,50$ à la porte

**Prix étudiant, disponible à la porte UNIQUEMENT, sur présentation d’une carte valide : 17,50$ s’il reste des billets

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Happy New Year Burlesque Fans!!!

I have to tell you, 2013 was so full of wonderful surprises, new experiences, new friends and faces, and inspiration and oh SO exciting adventures!

Kind of hard to top but I have to say… 2014 looks like it’s off to a pretty good start!

I’m am ever so pleased to be ringing in the New Year by performing in this year’s Vermont Burlesque Festival! How Flippin’ Fun is that?


Picture 5

I am so excited to spend the weekend surrounded by and performing with such fun and fantastic and fabulously talented lovelies,

Including the absolutely and undeniably brilliant Miss Astrid, who I am absolutely head over heals in love with, I may have to restrain myself from shamelessly begging her to let me co-mother her future children. I am so so so so happy to share the stage with this woman, it’s ridiculous.

Also gracing the stages of the VT Burlyfest are… Ray Gunn, Lili Von Schtupp, Cha Cha Velour, Alexa Luthor, Merrique Hysteric, Leif & Marsha Mallow Peepers, The Green Mountain Cabaret Sugar Shakers, Spielpalast, Velma Candyass, Red Rocket, Bianca Boom Boom, Prima Vera, LuLu le Belles Mirettes and many, Many, MANY more!

There’s going to be shows, and classes and BOWLING and everything!

I LOVE Vermont and I am super excited to spend the weekend there and I hope to see some of your beautiful faces while I’m in town.

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Burlesque Artist Wanted:

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In the very beginning of my illustrious *cough* career as a burlesque performer, I went on a couple of tours as a member of the Fluffgirl Burlesque Review.

And on one of these tours was a pair of guest performers from New York who would forever change my life.

Bunny Love and Lady Ace.

I don’t have the words to explain to you how honoured I felt (and was) to have had such a profound introduction to the Burlesque world but I think I can fairly say that they were one (two) of my biggest sources of inspiration ever.

A few years later, and many years ago, my husband was inspired by the T-Shirts that Lady A and Bunny had given me on that tour,


and he started working on some drawings of a cartoony caricature of my burlesque persona, for promo & merch (postcards, T-Shirts, Web stuff, etc…) and what have you.

He came up with two ideas that were potentially pretty cute but sadly, he passed away before either of them were finished.

I liked where he was going with them but neither, as you can see, are usable as-is.

Damiana Dolce by Leif Cuzner

Damiana Dolce by Leif Cuzner

I left the idea and the drawings sitting on the back-burner for a few years. It took some time but eventually I approached a couple of artists, asking if they might be able to come up with something along the same lines, but they were either too busy or uninterested in the project.

It has been almost 8 years that these drawings have been collecting dust, and I really would like to scratch Burlesque Logo off my To Do: list before I retire from burlesque all together.

If any of you can recommend an artist that might be able to help me come up with a new logo, please do let me know and/or fwd them my email address ( dd@damianadolce.com). And if it works out, I’ll send you a free T-Shirt. :)


That’s right! You heard me! We’re gonna party like it’s 1980-something!

So get your frostbitten little butts out the house and get ‘em down to Cafe Cleopatra”s on January 17th!


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Happy New Year!

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Guess what!

We’ve got a little early Christmas present for you! Oh yes we do, we have a free ticket to December 20th’s Candyass Club Cabaret!



The catch?

Well…. only that you’ve got to figure out where it is
before you can unwrap it.

Kandyass Geocache Burlesk coordinates:

N45.486982 W73.564086W


Please note:
Any risk undertaken by anyone looking for this geocache is not the responsibility of Velma Candyass or the nut who placed them. Any charges laid for trespassing, injuries, damaged clothing, lost cell phones, STD’s contracted,angry skunks, sickness or injury as a result of searching for
this geocache are solely the responsibility of the person searching.

Happy Hunting!


**** Congratulations to Matt R! ****
There will be a pair of tickets waiting for you at the door at this Friday night’s Candyass Club Cabaret! See you there!To win a pair of Tickets to November 8th’s Candyass Club Cabaret!
Simply send an email to jenniferjune@theladyslounge.com with the subject heading: Pick Me!

Winner will be announced at The Lady’s Lounge Friday the 1st of November 2013

Show details here: damianadolce.com/candyass-club-cabaret-nov-2013


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